Mar 21, 2011

Uh-oh cheerio

It's almost 2 o'clok here and so far it has been a resally good day. But being bored in whatever subject I was in first period (well first period for me) I did something stupid. Guess.. In my diary/ pretty book -I carry around to wirte feelings and details and what on my mind when bored- book, I did it. I wrote a list of things I miss. I wouldn't recommend doing it, in fact I avoid thinknig to much about NZ at all. So for you, in no particualr order:

° Chippy sams with marg and shitty white bread
°  My mama
°  Steak
°  Lydia
°  My pillow
°  Hockey
° The liabrary movie collection
° Sara

°  Hugs. I've haven't had a real hug that wasn't out of politeness or a goodbye yet. I'm not a huge hugger anyway to anyone but my family but still.. Maybe I miss my mama hugs...
° Pinapple lumps, just jokes
° The simplisty of acting like a bitch and just owning it. Or acting like a like a dick with my friends. Surveying, limbo, spies, indian tag. I miss Anna and courtney.
° Lunchtime!!!

Yeah so then I got thinking about easter camp and all the good times and even though I'll be in France for Ostern, I don't know where I'd rather be.

And then I wrote out 'Bonkers' in big capital purple letters and had feelings... hahahahah

So please, have a chippy sam for me :o)

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