Mar 20, 2011

The game stays the same, only the players change.

 Mmmm a long week it has indeed been. I can't believe almost a week ago I was gearing up to go to Basel. Ahhh my dear Basel. Anywho, ch-ch-changes.

Stunt of the week: joining the year seven German class.

I walk in and lingure around the back of this relatively big class room, not wanting to steal some ten year olds seat. It's a mad house in there, two groups of kids litterly fighting over one chair, tugger war. Insane high pitch chatter. I couldn't help but be in absolute hysterics over the abserdity of the situation. The situation being Jessie, this giant girl who can barely talk would be joining these hyperactive children for three hours a week.

Finally when the teacher came, I looked to see no space for me, so some kid got a chair for me and these boys moved over and fortunatly, I ened up sitting but a (host) cousin. The teacher started the class by talking about what I was doing in their class. Luckily she talks rather slow (yes I do feel like a retard but ooh well) so I undestood what she was talking about, which is something that hasn't really happened in a class room situation for a while. I have developed this skill of blocking out certain tones of voice in my head. Although when this is tone changes and is directed at me- I kind of freak out in my head becuase I have to start thinking in German and translating, and formulating replies all of a sudden. But of course, Miss Algar here still appears poised and calm. . . .

So after the explaining she askes the children if they have anything they want to ask me. I feel, uncharectistically shy and timmered, but shake it off. Their like ten Jessie, comm'on. And what do they ask me? Easy things! Whats your favourite colour, where are you from, what sports do you play? Ahhh good. I couldn't have missunderstood if I wanted to.

After that we played a game. It was like, you charade making and eating something and then they guess what you were eating. And in some quiz thing I somehow wona chocolate. I thought, I think I'm going to like this class.

At the end of the class, some child asked if they had homework. The teacher said, well, no. And ALL the kids in the class screamed with joy, throughing their hands in the air! I couldn't help but smile. It was very cinamatic, in a The Simpsons type of way.

After class, I was getting my bag and a group of girls came up to me and asked If I was an Au Pair.For some reason I think I said yes. It's this mechonism I have now. When I don't understand what people say, or forget to be listening carefully so I can translate and I don't really care for the person or just want to go or something- I just always say ja. It's a mechonism I picked up after getting in this situation a few to many times. Someone once told me, I think it was Anna, that when doing the Australaisan Maths exam and if one has no idea what answer to put, alway just say the same answer (like B) because statisically you should get more correct that way. Or something like that. So I choose yes.Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad. But it usually works. So what if some ten year old thinks I am a Au Pair :p

First class was good, second class- not so much.

In short, I think what we were meant to do was copy down what she said. But they were all these scientific words and the Schwarzwald accent means I'm learning everything like a new word again. And in complete confusion I stopped and then I think I possibly got told off. So I just wrote down words the sounded like the words she was saying. Ahhhh.

To make things worse, the children are always staring at me in this way that is completly innocent, but if a not-so-much-a-child was staring at me like they stare at me I would totally give them the finger. AND I NEVER PULL THE FINGER (WWGKD? : What would Grace Kelly do?) So instead if like four of them were looking at me in a row, I would look at them without smiling (and that really means with slightly cold eyes)

Twasn't so bad after that we had to write some abstract poem about our favourite word. I just choose ther cheesiest word I knew in German: Traum. Lolololololol

 Another interesting event at school this week was my music classes. Usually in music I watch my class play a long piece of something old and familiar like Wolfgang or whatever his name is. Their like a full on orchestra, vialin, massive piano, challo, flutes, things that are so extream I have no idea what to call them. Yeah so I wantch them and imagine ballet dances in my head, or sleep.

But this week they had to do theory, and I thought well f that. I'll die. So I asked the music teacher if I should change class or something; and he was like noooo. (Sweet yes, I have no idea why he said that though) So i asked him if it would better if I learnt something. He's like, yes, what do you want to learn. I siad Klavier. And he's like OK, I'll get someone to teach you. I then ask if I can play on the instrumet this period and he's like sure. So I had an hour and a half of drums, piano and whatever else I could find. And what did I find... The marimbaphone!
Isn't it cool! So after class I ask my teacher if I can learn this instead, and he's like OK. And then he said pointing toward the guy he was talking to: This guy is a really good drum player. And think OK random.. I reply 'Pity I don't want to learn the drums then..' Little did I know the MPhone is a type of drum. So I introduced myself and he is going to teach me, great!

Next music lesson I did thre same thing, 'cept the music room had turned into a stage, with the wall removed- the next room was ancored lower and many many chairs in it. On the 'stage'  was a long grand piano. So yeah it got my kicks :D :D

...You know how I do

Now for friday night!!!

Melanie's boyf's Birthday. And I thought I was going to just another party...

Is there such a things as just another party, fool!

Mel wanted to go after school, of which I had no desire to, so I went at eight with her friend form school. Her friend drove us there. But the normal 20 minute drive to Furtwangen, took about 40. Mopstly, because who in the world would know that the place we were going was a 4 x 4 hutt house thing in the middle of the wald.

No kidding, This place was extreamly small, I'm being generous with 4 x 4. I walked in to see decked out speakers, a fire, an oven and a relatively big table. There was a ladder and lead to the equally small 2nd sorry, where some of us would be sleeping.

The people included the normal three couples, minus a girlfriend. More people came and left. There was alot of alcohol and the playlist included what I know as 'Fasnet' music which is like German songs that have catchy tunes and sound a lil old. And top 40 techno stuff. It was a really good night.

I'll paint you a picture/video.

All the boys suddenly scream like they can read eachovers minds ''SCHATZI SCHENK MIR EIN FOTO!'' So they put that song on to play and everyone is up dancing and singing. And your singing even though you are making up the world with sounds most of the time but it's OK becauase everyone else is so into it and loud. Becuase in this picture your Jessie, and your've been dancing like all night. You go outside to ctach some air, but what you find is even better, it's snowing! And you open your month to catch the snow attempting to wash away the waste of Malibu but then you hair some song with a beat that had you at hello. So you leave winter wonderland and dance somemore. But then the food is ready so you eat and everyone is happy. But then you suddenly get angry becuase you forgot your camera and your in this cool place. and also because you just washed your hair and everyone is smoking inside and your hair will smeel like smoke until you find the will to wash it again.

Yeah so pretty much I danced danced danced drank and ended my night talking to those who survived to stay awake, or up-right at three in the morning. Their were three of us out of seven staying over that managed to do so.

I had to get up early in the morning, like seven. Which I didn't mind since I didn't sleep very well on the floor without a pillow.. And so I go down-ladder to look out the window and see about five cm of snow covering the forest, floor and road. It was absolutely breath taking. By our hutt was like, new skinny tree's supporting five cm or more of snow on their tiny branches and everything is laced in snow oh my life it was lovely! I'm plastered against the window practically suicidal that I didn't bring my camera.

The rest of the weekend included catching up on sleep, going out for a boring dinner with Melanies gym.. people. And today I cleaned my room and walked down to the lake and sang my favourite songs to myself. Twas so nice.


 An abstract from my diary: First period of school, on my first day
''I don't undertsand the class jokes yet. Maybe because I'm in French, EASY BOY''

And a picture of my host family, in case you hadn't seen them yet.



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