Mar 10, 2011

Because this blog is about you (when it's not about me)

Not much to say, that will be of interest. Just these small facts.

I watched my favourite movie in German the other day, exhausting! Lucky I know it off by heart (in English) from watching it every second day this past summer. But the voice overs were quite so horrible, I am scared the German/swiss/austrian population may get the wrong idea with their tone of voice sometimes.

How I feel: happy, lonely, excited, the mean reds, inspired, proactive, hyperactive and content. Sometimes just eating is cool. Like today I brought a brezel and I was like 'wow I am eating a real German brezel, from a freakin' German swimming pool, IN GERMANY!' It's refreshing and kind of brings me back down to earth.. So next time, my fallow Kiwi's, your eating a fish'n'chips, stop and think....

I love getting emails form everyone it makes my day over and over again. Weather they just say Hi and tell me what their up to, or telling me to mind my language in this blog, or whatever - I love it. I may not reply, and please don't be offened or upset if I don't (it just means I don't need anything form you) as I am trying not to be on the computer alot. But I am encouraging it! Just say what your doing, anything simple. As a matter of fact, the next six people who send me an email ( or facebook) and attach their address will get a postcard!

And as the title reads...

Lucky fools :p

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