Mar 28, 2011

And the dirtyist of all dirty words, promising.

Do I have a treat for you, my Late Orientation Camp report. Tales of Jessie learning how to Salsa/Merengue, put on a condom and also learning how may name is dirty and offence. But first, like many of my posts, I will kick start this spiel with my week (!!! not)

This week, I posted two (I want to say loafs, like bread, but I really mean like..groups- sorry can't think of the word) 'groups' of postcards. Why two you ask? Well turns out I am an extreamly lucky girl, and not just becuase I know so many lovely people to send post cards too.

So I went down to the post office, alein, and asked the man for stamps and we got talking. It's pretty odivious I am an Ausländer as my pronouceration is, well, average. Yeah so we walked about me and it was good and nice and then we are fertig with the postcards and conversation, he says stay there for a minute. So I do.. Wondering where he is going as he disappears into the back. And he comes back with maybe 7 relly nice Schwarzwald postcards, and gives them to me for free! It was so sweet. They were really nice, like big ones and stuff. Schön!

Yup, I tried Yoga. It wasn't anything how I thought. We pretty much layed there most of the time which was suprisingly nice. I say suprisingly because I was in the mood for some endorphans and to stop thinking for a bit. But turns out Yoga is very.. nice. Hmmm a must serch for a better word... I can only think 'good' at the moment as I am so tired (you'll find out why soon)

But chuur, my week was quite boring.. until thrusday! I meet up with my betreuer, Janina, in Villingen. It was quite funny actually. I was early and couldn't find the post box thing and I asked some girl where it was and and she told me and then when I walked off she shouted out: should I come with? I turned around suprised and it was Janina all along.. she had he hairt tied back and wow I felt like a dick.

We went out with Vanya aus Bolivien, who is going home soon and staying bei Janina's. We went out to an eis cafe to catch up, but then I ended up sleeping over. We had a girls nights playing drinking games, sharing secrets and smoking shisha. This was my first time smoking this, its really common over here and everywhere else in the world so it seems. But I have never heard of it? Do we have this in NZ? Can you buy nice flavours? Do you know what it is? I would love to know, if someone would tell me..?

Yeah it was a great night, I wont go into anymore details. It did kind of suck to wake up at 6 after so little sleep, walk to the station, catch the train and walk for like have an hour home as I misjudged the distanced.

LOC time!

On the way up to Freudestadt Vanya Bryan and I had to stop in Hausach for an hour to change trains. I made friends with the like track controller, or something guy and he showed me how to work the big board thing (it looks like a sound board) before we took lots of pictures and advanced to LOC. I love how nice people are. Just taking me in and showing me.. schön!

We arrived, we muck arround as everyone arrives. There were about 25 of us perhaps from all over Baden-Würtemberg. There was an austalian, maybe five thai, five japanese, one malay, many many latin americans and us two Kiwi's.

They did the camp thing, and I caught up with my friends, we went for a little walk and they talked rules.. We did a workshop, and like all the workshops we did, we were normally split into three groups: those who want to speak spanish, english or german. I always went into the german one but becuase of everyone limited language we didn't really have interesting conversation. But after all that we palyed a interesting.. game.

So, one must make someone laugh/smile- whilst doing this you must say 'Darling I love you, wont you smile for me' and then they must reply, staright faced, 'I love you darling but I can not smile today' for it to be over and the lover to move on to whoever else and try make them laugh. The volenteer who started the game, conveniantly he started by with me, it was really funny but I convenetly didn't laugh.. making me a bit of a 'to be persued' person. But I did crack! Vanya used an inside joke and how could I resisted? And then be staddled and lapped dance on by this other guy, well again. And then once bryan just looked at me and lifted his eyebrows in this way and I was gone. So when I got out, I wasn't really good at making people laugh, I was OK but it took me a few times. However one time, I was looking around the circle for someone to persue and then I just looked at Bryan and said 'it's payback bitch' and he was a suckerrrr. Twas fun

The next morning we did a few more worshops on raletively boring things. During meals I would be ripping out my hair in fustration as I normally sat by someone from south amera and they would be talking all together in spanish because for most their english is average or non existant...

But in the afternoon we had a Stadtrally! Thats where you go around the town in teams and have to proform tasks. Twas so much fun! Managed to get a raw egg boiled, swoop an apple for Lindt chocolate, get photo's with many many people. But my group didn't win because of a translation problem. All the tasks were given in the three languages. And we interperated the english as makes lots of photos with lots of different people but really it meant take one photo with a lots of people. But I DO HAVE COOL PHOTOS!!!

I can’t really be bothered uploading anymore, but I’m sure your see them all on facebook soon.. maybe..

AND AFTER THAT we had an other workshop, a speical workshop.. where they seperated us into boy and girls.. (if you know what I’m talking about) It was pretty standard until they brought out the carrots and condoms!!! I felt like a movie. But maybe it was good because I had no idea how to put on a condom and I don’t think I was the only one hahahha.

That night we had a talent quest. The Japanese did ahh paper folding of english…oragami! It was very cool. And most other people did cultural dancing, including me! I did and taught the Haka and a little did of that stick thing, taiaha. It was nice hanging out with a Kiwi though. We didn’t really talk on the way over, but this camp we talked a lot. A lot about NZ since we had to do the Haka and the food we missed! Ahhh yeah..!
Yes the Australian has vegemite on her face
After that I think everyone was just ona major buzz and the latin americans decided to teach us how to salsa/merangay! I think only three of us really did it but ahhh love! It was hard at first to let go and just let someone lead but it was so lovely! And even though we dance so close it doesn’t feel bad or dirty. We ended up dancing until four am! I have no idea how I am going to dance with boys back in NZ when I have tasted this! It just made me happy!

I also taught people something, like how to shuffle and jerk even though some things I taught I cant do myself! Yup major buzz, I could have danced all night.

Throughout the camp, and the next morning escpeically when I would go to take a picture. Like ask someone if they can take a piture of me and someone else. Almost everybody in the room would jump into the picture and there camera’s thrown at the person taking the picture so we would have to pose for two minutes straight while the taking got throught the twenty camera’s! Demo..

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE thought I was a living Meryl Streep, and as everyone always says: a young pretty Meryl Streep of course! Tis so strange, how many absolutely different people think that- I don’t see it? But I was quite flattered. Someone said it wasn’t my looks alone but my being, or vibe, or the way I present myself. I think someone mentioned the word powerful so yeah I’m happy!

It was really nice being with so many different people. Like when you’re here in Germany, you are alone. In your family you are alone, and to be together with people for a weekend who are in the same shoes as you is lovely. Its an automatic bond. Some people there couldn’t speak a word of english or very little German yet we became friends anyway.. somehow. Although no words were involved.. kind of magic yes?

Of course we all swooped emails and what not, and for those who don’t know my emails jessie.marika. And I do love my middle name- I was planning to name one of my children Marika. But now, I am deffinately not. Turns out ‘Marica’ in Spanisch is a terrible insult.. an insult to someone gay. I just google translated it now and the words that come up are sissy queen pansy magpie milksop mollycoddle quean. Now I don’t even know most of those words, not that my english is very good at the moment but apparently it’s the worst type of gay. So yes all laughed for hours, great. 'no don't take this email to latin amera ok'? OK. Just to think how close that became to being my name, no one would take me seriously! THANKS MUM. Just jokes:) Twas funny though..!

Alot of other stuff happened but it was more of a be sort of camp, I can't convey it. Sorry my writting isn't it's normal quality.

Over all, that camp was exactly what I needed. On the way back I just felt inspired and really happy. It's clear to me now what I want out of all this, and it's so nice to have some more people to relate to. I must learn Salsa! Things are on the up. How promising.....

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