Apr 10, 2011

Love, love.. Love!

Hello Hello everybody.
I am here to report on my fantastic day yesterday. I went to Konstanz to meet my friend, Mariana, form Argintina:
..because it is her birthday soon and I just had to see her before then :p

I got to Konstanz at twelve, after a hour and a half train ride. And meet up with her and two other exchange students and we got a doner. Doners are German kebabs but there in this soft bread shaped like pita bread, instead of a wrap. 

The second thing we did, was something I have been waiting to do my whole life; go to Zara. And all I can say is seventh heaven.. it did not disapoint like all the other european shopping outlets (H&M etc) Two levels of beautiful fabrics and classic un-tashy cuts that reasonably priced.. Well, I've finally found a place where I belong. With much restraint- I only brought a bright orange skirt, a dress and when I was at the conter I found my glasses, god and zara designed just for me.. I wont upload a picture since you'll be seeing alot of them in this blog entry.

We walked around this huge shopping centre for a while (well huge for Germany) and then we went to the town and walked around a bit, then got an ice cream. I got Hazelnutt of course (new favourite) and tried in english, bluebery ice cream. We then went to the lake and meet up with the boys again.

Ahhh I love konstanz and Bordensee. I alway feel happy when I'm there. Yesterday, with meeting 'zara' I felt unnaturally happy. It's just such a beautiful place. All the people are beautiful and dress amazingly. The boys are cute.. the weather is so nice (apprtntly. not in the winter but that means cheap rent!) and I feel happy there. Konstanz is for me. I think the University of Konstanz is looking good...

We laxed out by the lake for some time before Mariana and I left to take the ship accoss the lake to Meersberg. Could see the swiss alps. Much fun:

And meet this girl when stressing abut the bus who told us we should swim the accross the lake every sunday in July.. OK! I am swimming the bordensee, cool! We somehow made it to Uberlinging (....) which is a beautiful town on the bordensee where Mariana lives. Mariana shouted me to a drink on this lake side cafe, then walked down the along the lake and talked and watched the sunset.

Twas a lovely day, I love zara, the bordensee and my friend so all was Beautiful.

Look on Facebook for all the photo's.

I then caught two trains home and after walking home the time was perhaps eleven. I live on the other side of town and it was dark.. But its weird, in Germany- I dont think bad things happen as much as in NZ. For example I can leave my bag at school anywhere with anything in it and can trust its safe because everyone else does that too. People sometimes leave there bikes not locked up on the street. And its OK to go walking at the night, alone. Well I assume because my family said nothing and nothing bad happened apart a toot or two... Hahaha.

New thought: talking german, is sometimes like flying. Sometimes like crashing. Lets just say, I love the take off.

Apr 8, 2011

And all the different names for the same thing

Oh the joys of a small town.

It was a really nice day today, as it had been for the past three days or so. I had a Maribophone lesson but we it came to go inside I just couldn't make myself leave the sun, so my like ''teacher'' (this boy in the year above or something) and I had a fail lesson in the sun by the town square that lasted about 20minutes and then spent a few hours talking. He walked me to my friends house where we were having a bbq. And four people in the house had seen me. Her dad told her I he saw me on a date (??????!) This all within a few hours! Oh my.... This is different.

Had a fun week, chillaxing with friends in the sun and school I had my first spanish lesson. I went out for a drink with a betrauer. But starting to feel home sick.. It's weird, btu kind of refreshing as it means I'm actually here. I can feel it. This is offically home. But sometimes I do feel like I'm going through the motions of a life and not actually... serving a purpose. I mean sure a purpose for myself but .. mmm. ''Egal'' I miss myself alot too. It's really hard for me not being witty clever spontanious Jessie.  I just don't have the words and I do feel I must immer speak Deutsch.

But it has been a really nice week.

Apr 5, 2011

I really can't remember was it's like to listen to something and be really sure you really understand them . . It's not a new feeling. I can only describe it as maybe.. No I can't really describe. Maybe like when talking to someone you like, and you analys everthing they say.. Even though you might understand the words, you have to 'translate the meaning'

Even though I still end up having a few english conversations a week on the phone to LILY HI or family or my englisch teacher... Sometimes when I'm thinking I wonder how I communicated with people beofre and then I remember where I am.. honest.. It's s strange. 

Talking in English is boring... but great. In english I can go into depths and I'm so eager too, but who with.. I don't really have anyone within a 100km distance. But German, german is exciting.. I have no idea what I'm going to come out with.. Let alone weather it will be witty, or povoke an interesting responce, or weather it'll lead to complicated vocabulary. It like 'head first in the shallow end'. When I talk I pray, pray for words. Or fishing for words is interesting... for example today I couldn't remember the word for remember in this context so I said 'nothing for me to forget' and that was like a lot wittier then the first alternative. But as you can see my english isn't exactly de creme de la creme at the moment.

This past week is a bit of a blur. I had a (das) Maribophone lesson, the boy teaching me is great- I can't think of a time here I have spoken to someone in German for so long (ok a lie.. maybe my Betrauer but still a dramatic streach of the truth to convey how it was nice never hurt)  But then toward the end we somehow ended up speaking in English -.-

On saturday I gallovanted round town on my lonesome and ended up going to the oldest house in St.G, which is a museum thats open like 4 days a year... so I thought I would go in! And oh my I had this lovely old man and he took me on a tour through the whole house explaining everything to me! Insisted on speaking english and oooh he was so süss! Yeah when we were.. departing.. he went to shake my hand and I kiss his cheek. I love the awks :D

Went to a App-pris-see party in Schonach on saturday night, bad music.. but was quite fun.

On sunday I went to bordensee.. the like most beautiful place in the world... I think I'll get married there kind of beautiful... I took lots of picture.. but some are from the net cuz you weren't alloud to take photo's inside.. Butz this church was so detailed I was just blown away.. I didn't know where to look. Twas beaut'.