Apr 10, 2011

Love, love.. Love!

Hello Hello everybody.
I am here to report on my fantastic day yesterday. I went to Konstanz to meet my friend, Mariana, form Argintina:
..because it is her birthday soon and I just had to see her before then :p

I got to Konstanz at twelve, after a hour and a half train ride. And meet up with her and two other exchange students and we got a doner. Doners are German kebabs but there in this soft bread shaped like pita bread, instead of a wrap. 

The second thing we did, was something I have been waiting to do my whole life; go to Zara. And all I can say is seventh heaven.. it did not disapoint like all the other european shopping outlets (H&M etc) Two levels of beautiful fabrics and classic un-tashy cuts that reasonably priced.. Well, I've finally found a place where I belong. With much restraint- I only brought a bright orange skirt, a dress and when I was at the conter I found my glasses, god and zara designed just for me.. I wont upload a picture since you'll be seeing alot of them in this blog entry.

We walked around this huge shopping centre for a while (well huge for Germany) and then we went to the town and walked around a bit, then got an ice cream. I got Hazelnutt of course (new favourite) and tried in english, bluebery ice cream. We then went to the lake and meet up with the boys again.

Ahhh I love konstanz and Bordensee. I alway feel happy when I'm there. Yesterday, with meeting 'zara' I felt unnaturally happy. It's just such a beautiful place. All the people are beautiful and dress amazingly. The boys are cute.. the weather is so nice (apprtntly. not in the winter but that means cheap rent!) and I feel happy there. Konstanz is for me. I think the University of Konstanz is looking good...

We laxed out by the lake for some time before Mariana and I left to take the ship accoss the lake to Meersberg. Could see the swiss alps. Much fun:

And meet this girl when stressing abut the bus who told us we should swim the accross the lake every sunday in July.. OK! I am swimming the bordensee, cool! We somehow made it to Uberlinging (....) which is a beautiful town on the bordensee where Mariana lives. Mariana shouted me to a drink on this lake side cafe, then walked down the along the lake and talked and watched the sunset.

Twas a lovely day, I love zara, the bordensee and my friend so all was Beautiful.

Look on Facebook for all the photo's.

I then caught two trains home and after walking home the time was perhaps eleven. I live on the other side of town and it was dark.. But its weird, in Germany- I dont think bad things happen as much as in NZ. For example I can leave my bag at school anywhere with anything in it and can trust its safe because everyone else does that too. People sometimes leave there bikes not locked up on the street. And its OK to go walking at the night, alone. Well I assume because my family said nothing and nothing bad happened apart a toot or two... Hahaha.

New thought: talking german, is sometimes like flying. Sometimes like crashing. Lets just say, I love the take off.

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