Jun 13, 2011


I was really keen on this blog, and its not that nothings happened.. its that too much has happened and I have been procastinating.

So... I don't really know what order things happened in but I had a really interesting, and good first week of easter. I went to a jazz gig, few parties, an ice hoceky game, a oberstuffe bbq in the forest (all that with real Germans :D )and a spring fest (with othe other exchange students)..Before I knew it, it was my 2nd month day. I went to France for a week... and then it was back to school. Then I just lived..went to Konstanz for a weekend to stay with a friend... Then I changed families... then I just lived... then I went to Dresden, the next weekend was long and I went to Zurich for a night quite spontaniously... and that weekend was a birthday party of a good friend of mine. Then it was this weekend and I went out of friday night to the town ha ha ha. And this weekend I have been simply hanging with the family, eating, watching movies in German ha. Und... this week we have holidays and I'll probably just live and on friday we got to Austria to stay at this like old farm house and drink goats milk, the week after that I go with my host sister to Paris, then I will just live for two weeks and then Barcelona for a week with the Oberstuffe and then I come back to NZ.

Ok, now for the long version of what I just said... maybe with photo's :D

So yeah, I had a few friends at school, and we went out a few times as I probably have mentioned.. but I also had a neighbor I had walked home a few times with, and had talked on facebook too, his name is Julian. So oneday, we were both home and he started talking to me on Facebook so I just said what are doing! I am coming over! And that was the beginning of a great friendship. That week we did something together almost everyday.. from going for a walk to a little lake, reading vogue, drinking wine and watching youtube with other friends, or going to bbq's. Twas cool.

I went to Spring fest in Stuttgart with some other exchange students... it was very.. festy. With heaps of food stands, a huge beer garden, and heaps of rides! I got to see a bit of Stuttgart and then came home that night.

I really can't be bothered resizing the pictures
.. sorry :P

Annnnd then we went to France, it wasn't that best holiday of my life but it was regaurdless, so lovely. France is beautiful, there is just something about it. I now see why with  the whole obsession with France. And the hot chocolates we lovely. I was in a camping place near a town names Dabo.. its extreamly small so I don't know if you could find it on google maps but yeah.. France is just great. I saw Stassbourg aswell.

Then I probably went to Konstanz the next weekend.. Afterschool started. Then that week I changed families. Strangest thing, it happened so fast! It still feels strange but I do feel at home, and love this place. I feel so much more happy... I live with a Kindergarten Teacher, Cordula. She is Sinja's mum (the uni student that lives in Konstanz I stayed with) and Julian is her brother, he is 13. Everyday I ride my a bike through the forest to school.. I love it. And the family are just wonderful... light, happy, absolutely friendly people :) The mother works all day but we eat breakfast and dinner together.. and when I come from school fast, lunch too. We normally have a hot lunch and a cold dinner- very German. I get to help make dinner. On the weekend we have 'brunch' and bbq. We watch movies together (my host mum and her boyfriend have great taste in movies) and . . . yeah. I love it here!!!!!

My first weekend  in the new family I went out on the friday to st.g town.. or too a bbq first with these other girls from my class, Sarah and Elena... who I now sit by in class.. and then yeah to the town where I danced the whole night and smoked Shisha :) The next day was my host brothers birthday and went to a Kite fest and was nice. Sinja was down.. we booked tickets to Paris.

The next weekend was Elena's birthday party.. it was in this like old car museum/factory thing and that was fun. That weekend Sinja and my other sister, Natasha down. She studies music in Stuttgart. And yeah had a family weekend, went to a comfirmation which in itself was boring but nice to be all together. That followed with a lunch that lasted all day in a gasthaus with all the people that this boy knew (who was getting comfirmated) and I found many 4 and 5 leaf clovers :P

The next weekend was a long weekend I was supposed to be going to Prague but the AFS guy taking us forgot so I decided, spontaniously to go to Dresden on the thursday. And so I found a mitfahrgelegenheit and stayed there with a girl, with the same scholarship from me. Not only was it wonderful to be with a NZer, but Dresden was amazing. The altstadt was just beutiful and the neustadt was so alive! We ended up staying there until 4 or 5 in the morning you meet such nice people when you are foreign and ahh was lovely.

The next weekend was a long one. I had nothing to do on the friday and I had found a cheap mitfahrgelegenheit and the couch person replied quick so I was there! ..alone! It was so nice, I meet these amercian girls and we talked until the early hours of the morning about culture! It was so interesting! And then the next day I wondered around Zurich.. eating chocolate :) I meet alot of people just sitting in this cafe for a few hours.. I was surpised I could understand them but they were probably speaking hoch deutsch when they noticed my deutsch wasn't amazing

Mmmm, the night I came back I made pizza and Julian was at mine and we chilled, he took my bike home at like 3 in the morning because he had to get up and organized his 18th that day!!! I went there and it was fun . . . sleeped the whole next day...

Then that brings us to this week! It was a short week.. on thursday we had abistreith. Which is a day, when the abi people. Its like the people finishing college, have actually finshed, and they have a day where they can pull all these pranks = a soaking wet jessie at 8am :p but was fun!

This weekend I went out on friday night... and chilled with the fam. We watched about 3movies in two days, had yummy food! Made jam and rubab cake.. just had the grandparents over :)

Uuh its kind of weird summing it up like this....

In the week I usually go to school, ride my bike home, eat, and then meet up with friends or go to Konstanz or something.......................

Life is good.. I am really happy! I have worked really hard for this life so its cool.. its great.. and I am hungry


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