Feb 19, 2011

Six days "and counting"

For what it's worth, I started this by writing a really long entry about how I got to where I am, but all that matters is the here and now.

In short, about half a year ago I got into mothers car, as she picked me up from school- she asked me to get something from here bag- and I came across a letter address to myself- I opened it- My eye's read 'we are delighted to inform you..' and no further could my eyes wonder. I have never felt so much in my life. I literally burst into tears as I had just received a full scholarship exchange for a semester in Germany. I can not convey how I felt, but it's something I never want to forget.

Then on I worked really hard saving for this, keeping my eyes on the prize.

I told my mother that by the 12th of Jan I would know my host family and that I did. I have a (house) mother, a father, a ten-year-old brother and a host sister, same age as I, who I have been emailing. They are great and seem exciting! They live in a town called Sankt Georgen which is in the Black forest! 'Tis so German!

To be honest, getting through these months waiting, working, waiting for something this big has been surprisingly hard. But now I'm on a massive high! I'm going to Germany, I am going to the other side of the world! The world! The world!

Six days to go requires no conclusion :o)

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